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Company description

Swiftcourt is an online dispute resolution system, based on innovative arbitration, designed for consumers and/or businesses to facilitate arbitration processes.

With current available alternatives the law becomes insufficient and unavailable in matters of disputes below €20 000, leaving numerous SME´s and individuals without the possibility of a fair trial when smaller amounts are involved. Swiftcourt®´s service is based on a simple and smart arbitration clause that can be introduced in any legal contract, with an arbitration process handled entirely online making it possible to reach a directly enforceable verdict in only 6 weeks from the time the parties commence the proceedings.

The idea of Swiftcourt was awakened out of a desire that no one, regardless of economic status or ability to run a process, should be denied the right to a fair trial. Swiftcourt® creates access to justice while at the same time open up new major markets and creating a safer trading environment.


Business model

Via Swiftcourt®’s online service, the disputing parties agree to solve their dispute with the on-line resolution system. Once the agreement is in place, the arbitration proceedings can commence. When the disputing parties use Swiftcourt® to resolve their disputes, they must accept Swiftcourt®’s arbitration rules. By doing so, they have mutually agreed that there shall be three arbitrators to resolve their dispute and that they are appointed automatically by the Swiftcourt®’s system. They also agree to conduct the proceedings entirely in writing on the Swiftcourt® website. During the process the system also offers the possibility of legal advising which helps the client to formulate the claim during the proceedings at a much lower cost than in the normal case. The arbitrators then announce a final judgement, which is directly enforceable.

Competitive advantage

Swiftcourt® aims to change how law and contracts are maintained by providing innovative legal solutions, enabling anyone to resolve their dispute and protect their rights, to dramatically improve access to justice at a zero cost for society. Our mission is to turn Swiftcourt® into the standard choice for how individuals and SME`s intends to solve potential or unwanted disputes.