Location: Piazzale G. Dalle Bande Nere 9 , Milan, Italy Italy
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 02/2016, Accelerator/Incubator: undisclosed amount
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Swascan is the first all-in-one Cloud Security Suite Platform.
Milan, Italy Italy
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Company description

Swascan is the first all-in-one Cloud Security Suite Platform. 

SWASCAN verifies the reliability of web sites, web applications, mobile app and the safety and quality of the applications source code as well as the strength of your own network.

The power and efficiency of Cloud technology is enhanced by a unique platform with a SaaS model, through different integrated and advanced tools.

Three main products:

– Web Application Scan

– Network Scan

– Code Review (It supports 24 languages)

SWASCAN key products aim to test and verify the weaknesses of third-parties applications, preventing data-loss, and analyze the quality standards of company’s network security, its compliance, internal policies and procedures, overall quality and the security of source code.

SWASCAN also offers other features that complete the Suite and make it an ideal solution for the full risk management activity.


All-in-one SaaS that offers to its users:


– Flexibility

– Cost cutting

– Scalability

– Accessibility

– Background to audit

– Compliance to regulation and OWASP best practises 

SWASCAN is an idea of Raoul Chiesa ( a major expert in the ICT Security field)  and Business Competence (  a well-known software house)

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  • Riccardo Paglia
    Riccardo Paglia | Founder
    I'm the CEO of Swascan and I grown up strong techincal knowledge with focus in security. I love my job and my start-up!
  • Raoul Chiesa
    Raoul Chiesa | Founder
    ICT Security Senior Expert, Visionary Empreneur, Key Note Speaker, Adviser and CyberGlobetrotter
  • Pierguido Iezzi
    Pierguido Iezzi | Founder
    Degree in Computer Science and post-degree management , together with international experience, have enabled me to carry out a wide range of activities, dealing with operational matters relating to Technology, Innovation and Company management.
  • Sara Colnago
    Sara Colnago | Founder
    I'm CEO at Business Competence and winner for Best Woman Entrepreneur 2013 and Best IT Woman Innovator 2014, NY Webby Awards 2015 and Innovation Award 2015 Italy Co-founder of Swascan, Dogalize, Videoliked, Soons, C-Network and Facearound.
Business model

Swascan Cloud Security Suite sell three services via subscription license:

-          Nework Scan:

  • Basic €50 255 IP to test and 1 mounth avaiability for scan
  • Business €360 255 IP to test and 1 year avaiability for scan
  • Enterprise  (Unlimited)  the Customer must contact our sales contact

-          Web Scan:

  • Basic €500 for 1 target and 1 month avaiability for scan
  • Business 1000 3 target and  3 month avaiability for scan
  • Enterprise (Unlimited) the Customer must contact our sales contact

-          Code Review:

  • Basic €3000 for 1 source code package
  • Business €6000 for 3 source code package
  • Enterprise  (Unlimited) the Customer must contact our sales contact

We have also a Reselling Program as marketing tool  to penetrate the market.

Competitive advantage

The features, the services’ efficiency and the business model adopted by Swascan are actually the competitive advantage of this platform. 

  • Power and efficiency of Swascan Cloud technology that is enhanced by a unique platform with a SaaS model, through different integrated and advanced tools.
  • Extreme price competitiveness Swascan suite offer ‘pay as you go’ services where the users select the desired tools and make use of them only for the time that suits his/her purposes. No costly licences or subscription. Furthermore the charges for the use of code review facility are based on a fixed cost module, without limitation to the number of the scanned Locs; this contrary to most of the competitors where the users is strictly charged according to the computation of the bars reviewed.A conservative estimate of the overall cost reduction offered by Swascan suite is 50%, in respect to comparable services provided by competitors 
  • Swascan sophisticated technology permits real time performance for the functions offered by its tools without interferences with the users’s computer operating system
  • The utilization of Swascan does not entail any download as it relies entirely on Cloud technology that in turn allows the users to access Swascan tools from any location where internet is available.
  • User-friendly interface: what makes this new platform particularly appealing to the business community its is the original design approach, starting point the assumption that the average user has limited computer skills and culture Swascan technicians designed a very practical and clean interface, logically organized in all its functions.
  • The first Cloud Suite Security Platform: All-in-one SaaS Services. The right way to manage the Security Risk, both for web and mobile applications as well as the overall technological infrastructure.