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Survata makes consumer research simple for brands and agencies.

We survey consumers to answer critical questions for leading clients like Disney, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung.  Clients use Survata to test new products, test advertising campaigns, and learn about consumer preferences.  Instead of relying on traditional reseach panels (filled with so-called "survey addicts"), Survata reaches consumers through relationships with high quality publishers, like Sports Illustrated and Better Homes & Gardens, where consumers answer short surveys to access premium content (articles, videos, ebooks, etc.). 

We reach millions of consumers in 17 countries.

Why do brands love us?  As a product manager at a Fortune 100 company said, "Before Survata, consumer research was five weeks of bureacratic hell. Now I pop in my survey online, sit back, and wait for the results."

We are based in San Francisco and backed by Y Combinator, SoftTech, and PivotNorth.

Stephanie Palmeri
Stephanie is a partner with Uncork, where she invests early in companies empowering individuals, families, businesses, and communities, like Poshmark, ClassDojo, Clever, Survata, Lantern, Fatherly, Pared, Carrot, Chariot (Ford), and Niche (Twitter).