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SupportSoft (NASDAQ: SPRT) is a global provider of software and services that automate the resolution of technology problems. As a result, technology critical to real-time businesses - as well as technology and related services that consumers have come to rely upon - work as planned. SupportSoft solutions all take advantage of patented functionality in its support automation software platform, which provides the ability to precisely identify, diagnose and resolve technical problems via proactive, self- or assisted service solutions.
SupportSoft's comprehensive, integrated approach to support automation helps businesses in three major, critical ways:

* Avoidance of technical issues through proactive, or self-healing, measures before they negatively impact individual or corporate productivity;
* Empowerment of end-users to quickly and easily solve problems themselves through self-service;
* Enablement of IT service professionals to be more efficient and effective when personally assisting end-users to resolve problems.

Put simply, SupportSoft provides companies with the technology that keeps technology working — to help reduce the high costs of support delivery, ensure personal productivity and create a great customer experience with business services, especially those pertaining to broadband, VoIP and IPTV delivery.