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If you need something to perform better at your job, you ping your professional network. If you crave some fun, you tap your social network. What’s missing from our lives is what to click when you’re feeling low: a support network.

Supportiv, The Support Network, is a stigma-free and jaw-droppingly affordable place to receive 24/7 hyper-targeted peer support, plus resource recommendations and service referrals that precisely address your relationship, work, family/friend, sadness, anger, anxiety, or loneliness needs.

Our natural language processing (NLP) algorithm matches each user in under 30 seconds --based on their free-text response to the question “What’s your struggle?”-- to a topic-specific peer group chat that dynamically convenes for users with similar emotional needs.

No matter how common or obscure the response, we find the right peers who relate and want to talk about the same thing the user does — a communication breakdown in a relationship, an encounter with a toxic coworker, adulting, the loss of a pet. The matching is effortless. It happens for the user, in seconds. The specificity of the topic-based matching improves with the network effect. At any moment, dozens or thousands of groups may convene concurrently, as dictated by the volume of users, plus the similarity or differences among users’ needs.

Each group has a “super-powered” human moderator. Our NLP enables the moderator to drop precisely relevant resources, recommendations, and referrals right into the group conversation in real-time. Our ever-expanding knowledge base will vet, catalog, and precision-match the world’s most recommended tactics, resources, and inspirations. Humans helping humans with an AI & NLP-powered boost that makes global scalability a non-issue.

If you need to search something, you go to Google. If you want to broadcast to friends & family, you go to Facebook or Instagram. If you need support with daily life struggles, you’ll come to Supportiv.






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    $25K non-dilutive grant
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    Esther Dyson
    Executive Founder, Wellville; Angel investor