Super Gas Me

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Super Gas Me
Buy bulk, Save big!
Palo Alto, California, United States United States
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Company description

We have created an easier and faster way to pay and save money when buying gas.

Our product helps customers to save 20% on gas by pre-loading the gas expense onto the car lease.






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Business model

Supergasme is working in association with car factories to distribute its product bundled with their cars. At the moment we are closing a deal with Honda; we will have more than 1000 dealerships and around 30000 representative sales pushing our product to its customers in the US.

Our deal includes charging the car factory for the exclusive deal for a period no longer than 3 months, sharing the revenues with the dealership/representative sales person, charge the gas station for the transaction inside the store and sell promoted products inside the store. 


Competitive advantage

As confirmed by the market research, consumers started trading their wallets for their smartphones to make small purchases. Supergasme’s product is being developed to fill the empty spot between gas stations and mobile payment providers and change how people pay for their gas.
We will offer, in association with Honda and Chevron/Valero, the possibility to preload the gas expense onto the car lease.

There’s a huge interest in saving gas, for example the “gasbuddy” app has more than 23M downloads, the app is a crowdsourced platform to share gas prices across the USA.