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Suggestv is a white label Video Recommendation solution and video strategy consultancy. Our technology helps publishers increase their video views through Context, Data and Machine Learning. 

Context: Suggestv technology reads the page in real-time using a unique blend of Sliding Window AI, Semantics, Sentiment Analysis, NLP/NLU, and Word2Vec tools.Then Suggestv calls content ‘packages’ from a video library to recommend contextually relevant video.

Data and Machine Learning: We have developed a unique algorithm based on clicks, retention, share-ability and other indicators of quality content to display the best performing video.

Due to the teams experience in licensing, optimising and monetising video, we also provide an optional consultancy to manage a publishers video assets. This is a cost-effective solution for publishers that want to take advantage of high video CPM's but don't have a video studio and/or team member solely responsible for driving video revenue growth.