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Choose your mood, get movie suggestions.

You are going to your house. Everything is ready for a movie night; popcorn, a comfortable sofa and a quiet medium. Only thing missing is you have not decided what to watch. Yeah, it is a painful thing to choose something that will complete your evening.

If so, this website can be handy; Suggest Me Movie. You choose your mood and it gives you movie suggestions.

You choose from different categories like Action, Thriller, Documentary, Animation and much more for your mood. If you don’t like the current movie suggestion, just click “suggest me another movie” button and so on. You can watch trailers of the movies in the first place and look at movie poster, brief info about movie, director and cast.

Also there is user ratings and reviews for who likes to see other people opinions. You can choose something right now or you can use “add to watchlist” button for later use.

There are also search bar and links for whole index if you want to make a deep search. Popular movies and latest movies are some of the categories you can go to.

You can use different ways like YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and RSS pages to get movie suggestions via these channels.