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Berkeley, California, United States United States
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Stroll Health helps health providers effectively manage patients and deliver better value care. By personalizing each patient journey and offering seamless access to care choices that are convenient, covered, and affordable, Stroll drives higher patient retention, lowers operating costs, and delivers a vastly improved patient experience. At the 2016 Health 2.0, we were named the most fundable enterprise health startup of the year. We're raising a seed to accelerate provider system growth.




Awards and Mentions
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    Named most most fundable enterprise health startup of 2016
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    Stroll was nominated for and won the group category of Diagnostic Imaging's "Top People to Watch in Radiology" contest.
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    At the 2014 Stanford BASES Product Competition, Stroll advanced to finals and won Crowd Favorite.
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    Stroll won's "The Pitch" competition with Tim Draper.
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    Stroll won the Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Ignition competition, including a letter of intent.
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    Stroll was accepted into the UCSF Lean Launchpad with Steve Blank in late 2013.
  • Business model

    US health systems lose $500B annually when 25% of patients miss necessary care. And when 33% of Americans have forgone a medical procedure or treatment due to cost uncertainty, price transparency is at the core of the issue.

    We charge large, 100-300 provider health systems a monthly enterprise SaaS fee per physician per service line for our point-of-care referral management solution. Our demonstrated compliance improvement of 6% increases health system revenue and improves patient outcomes.

    There are 360K referring physicians in over 5K US hospitals and 10+ service lines. Our total addressable market is $8.6B.

    Competitive advantage

    There are many competitors which offer one or more features around price transparency, patient engagement, real-time scheduling, referral management, and more. However, when you take a service line perspective, and think about the entire workflow and complete order life cycle from ordering provider to imaging provider and back, we offer a best in class solution. With capabilities including real-time eligibility, out of pocket cost estimates, quality, distance, availability, and clinical decision support, using Stroll Health, a provider can know that what and where they are recommending is medically necessary and the best value for their patient. Our real-time prior auth, patient engagement platform via web and text, and preparation and check in feature ensure patients understand where and when to go, how to prepare, and to make sure patients get the care they need. Finally, our cloud image sharing technology, analytics and integrated follow up process makes it easy for ordering providers to receive results and for patients to get access to their images and continue with their care plan.