String Elegance Studio

String Elegance Studio
Violin Teachers offering lessons to ages 5+ with wedding and event bookings on the side
Lexington, Kentucky, United States United States
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String Elegance Music Studio is dedicated to providing Violin & Viola lessons to the Lexington, KY area. We offer violin lessons taught by the best string teachers the area has to offer. Dealing primarily in weddings, we also provide string ensembles for any event.


Our professional string ensemble offers string solos, string duets, string trios, and string quartets. We play any kind of music you would like, and we take any requests as well. String Elegance performs for weddings, corporate events, church services, and more! Each musician in String Elegance has gone through a music school in Kentucky, and they play at the highest level! When you hire String Elegance, you will not be disappointed!

Check out our website for event bookings, demonstrations, violin teachers and more in the Lexington, KY area: String Elegance Violin Teachers And Event Booking Website


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Business model

We generate revenue from event bookings and one on one private lessons.

Competitive advantage

Quality of work. We build personal relationships with our clients so they get a service that goes above and beyond what they expect to pay for.