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Streampie makes it possible for you to access your media, everywhere. It doesn't matter if you're on the road, at a friend or even on holiday. With streampie you simply open the app and you will have instant access to all your mp3 files, videos and movies, safely stored on your own computer.

Streampie works by running a lightweight application on your computer that ensures a safe, direct connection between your mobile device and your media. This saves you a lot of storage on your mobile device(s) and you'll never have to sync your media again. It requires no registration and zero network knowledge. Simply scan a qr code and you're instantly connected.

Streampie is for those who don't want to pay for content they already own, those who are tired of not having enough storage on their on-the-move devices and keep forgetting to update their playlist. But most of all those who have enough of the centralization of media content, making you pay for playing rather than making you own.

Our server makes it possible for direct communication between your mobile device and your computer. So no annoying cloud services are standing in your way. Find the song you want to play of video you want to watch on your mobile device and your done.