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Company description is a gamified sharing platform that lets users 'check in' to websites, earn points, and unlock deals from online locations. It's like Foursquare for the Web! 

  • Earn reward points each time you check-in and redeem them for prizes (like gift cards, movie tickets, and more!)
  • Unlock special deals (like coupon codes, giveaways, and free shipping) by checking in to participating websites and online stores. 
  • Back on the website, browse the Live Check In Feed to discover trending websites, find online stores with deals, and see what others are doing online
  • Build a Personal Catalog of the website you visit, curate your check-ins by category, and share your favorite websites with friends and followers! 

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Competitive advantage is the next frontier in gamified loyalty, social discovery, and content curation. uses a content curation mechanism that's the very first of its kind. As opposed to other sites that require users to tag/curate their own content, is able to derive a user's true interest profile automatically, via their check in actions. The platform is designed to recognize keywords from the websites the user checks into and curates them into interest categories. The more the user interacts with the system, the more attuned it becomes to their true identity. This allows to recommend websites, check in deals, and people to follow based on the users true interest graph.