Stockr’s mission is to create value for public companies, investors & market influencers by making it easier for them to communicate with, and stay connected to, one another
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Company description

Described by Forbes as "Bloomberg for the masses," Stockr is a social media platform for the stock market.  By combining market data and news with two pillars of scalable networks like Facebook and LinkedIn -- authentic identity and good social technologies -- Stockr is transforming the way individual investors, industry experts and public companies connect and share what’s moving the markets. 

No other platform provides market data and modern social tools:

Company Pulse

Stockr is building a community of bona fide Wall St. and industry experts, leading to information sharing and content never before available to most investors:

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Companies like $NTWK are now paying Stockr to publish and communicate directly with the market:

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Business model

Market Opportunity:

  • Ninety million people seek stock information and guidance online monthly
  • The Wall Street information industry (Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, etc.) is more than $25 billion annually
  • More than one million retail trades made every day
  • Over seventy percent of retail investors get trading ideas from their personal network
  • The investor relations industry spends more than $6 billion annually


Our Goal: Building the Investor Graph

In the same way that Facebook and Google have created a multi-billion dollar industry by building the Social Graph and monetizing consumer/behavioral data, Stockr is uniquely positioned to lead in investor/behavioral data.  

Here are Stockr's four major planned revenue streams, rank-ordered by estimated market potential:

1. Companies target users based on investing interests – Stockr will aggregate user data to display targeted messaging to various investor demos
2. Brokerage Revenues – Fees charged to brokerage firms for trades made on the Stockr platform via integration through broker APIs
3. Pay-to-follow fees – Stockr will keep 30% of fees paid to follow other users for their expert information, insights, or trading performance
4.Investor Relations Service – Charge companies to engage current and potential shareholders per a subscription model


Status and Current Focus:

Since the SEC’s recent announcement allowing public companies to use social media for Investor Relations, Stockr has on-boarded 12 companies, including CBS (Fortune 100) and 11 small-cap clients each paying $500 per month. At current growth rates, Stockr is now forecasting profitability this year.

The range of companies currently publishing on the platform demonstrate Stockr's ability to provide value to a broad market of over 22,000 public companies.  As an example, CBS chose Stockr to recap their latest earnings call.  They then tweeted a link back to the conversation on Stockr, preferring to engage shareholders in a more robust discussion than Twitter allows.  

Aeolus Pharmaceuticals is a small-cap biotechnology company and exemplifies how smaller companies benefit from Stockr’s cost effective service.  The company is able to engage shareholders more frequently than they can afford to send out a press release and communicate in simpler language than found in their Q’s and K’s.

Competitive advantage

Q: What's the problem?

A: Investing is a social activity without a good social platform. At least 70% of retail investors getting trading ideas from their personal networks. There was nowhere to credibly receive or share that information.

Q: How does Stockr solve that problem?

A: We provide a modern social platform specifically for investors.


Q: Above, we mentioned: "providing all investors the informational and networking tools previously available only to professionals." What are those tools/features?

A: Those features are currently as follows: 

1.Newsfeed – real-time updates from people, publications & companies you follow
2.Follow Recommendations – discover relevant investors and companies
3.Watchlist – 5-minute delayed quotes on companies from your curated list
4.Customized Market News – from 900+ sources, tagged by public company
5.Chart and Company Fundamentals – the standard data points investors look for


Q: Why are these tools and features increasingly important for people to have?

A: After Wall St. vs. Main St. and after the 2008 financial crises, it is, more than ever, up to individuals to take control of their investment future. With the wealth of information out there, a person needs help to reign it all in and make sense of the bigger and smaller pictures.


Q: Other sites provide financial information - How does Stockr take this one step further?

A: Yahoo and Google do provide finance information, but their posting boards are lacking. Stockr provides a truly immersive platform, with information plus trusted having conversations that appear right before your eyes.

Q: How are we different from our competitors, like StockTwits?

A: Our competitors sites do not ask their members to use their real names, and therefore all the information that is posted comes from anonymous sources. On Stockr, our members profiles are linked to their Facebook profiles. On our competitors platforms, there is a lot of noise for not a lot of content. On Stockr, users are creating original, long form content and backing up their opinions with external links to news organizations. Instead of merely filtering other channels, Stockr is providing real-time threaded conversations, happening between our intelligent and informed members.


Q: How many public company profiles are on the site? How many are currently being controlled by the company themselves?

A: There are currently 21,000 company profiles on the site - and currently, twelve companies have the ability to post as themselves on their company pages.


Q: Who is our target market - individual investors or is it ultimately the IR departments of companies?

A: Both! At the moment, the majority of Stockr members are individuals, but with the recent SEC ruling on public companies and social media, we are signing on more companies to have their IR departments be in direct contact with those individual Stockr members.


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