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Company description

StitMe is a next generation free mobile privacy platform that allows people to connect and speak via mobile phone, all without revealing their actual telephone numbers to each other. 

StitMe allows users to connect with each other by simply using their names (e.g.#JOE), so there is no need to give out a personal mobile number ever again. When users make outgoing calls, the recipient’s caller ID will show the unique “StitMe Privacy Protected Connection Number” instead of his or her personal mobile telephone number. This is a permanent number between two people and both can use this number to call each other. The user’s actual mobile number is never exposed, and the number cannot be shared with anyone so they are protected from unwanted return calls, sales calls, harassment, stalking and anonymous calls. StitMe connection is one-to-one; no third party can intrude this connection.

With StitMe:

1) we never have to give out mobile numbers to anyone anymore

2) we can connect with our names (for example #JOE)

3) we can talk & text on a one-to-one basis through a paired connection number

4) we can control who can call and when can call us

5) we can have secured Chat that comes with pre-set Timer to kill messages from BOTH sides

6) connection, once deleted, will be gone forever. That person can never call us back

Why StitMe is cool:

1) users are connected on a one-to-one basis, no third party can connect through this connection number

2) both parties can call each other with this same connection number

3) calls are of the voice quality of a normal phone call - not VOIP 

4) StitMe is free with unlimited talk time and unlimited one-to-one connections

5) StitMe is telecom network and handphone independent


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Business model

We have segregated our platform into two solutions:

1) B2C - StitMe mobile app

2) B2B - ShieldMe

StitMe is absolutely free to download on both iOS and Android, for the reason of capturing initial market traction. It is free with unlimited connections and unlimited talk time. Once we have reached the targeted signups, we can start charging for value add features: e.g. pay for the other party to call back; paid voice mail. 

ShieldMe can be easily integrated into business partners' websites with just a few lines of code. Charges can be based on number of sign ups from their existing subscribers. 

Competitive advantage
  • Only company in the world to have figured a technology to by pass termination charges.
  • Patent Protected Mapping Algorithm.
  • Fixed Telecom costs for unlimited calls.
  • Total Security: 512 AES encryption with Public and Private Key system. Totally security.
  • Unique Chat platform with Post send kill feature as well as timed kill feature.
  • Only company in the world to be able to connect every American to every American on a One on One connection number.
  • Simple b2b integration with just few lines of code.