Location: 1641 Worthington Road, Suite 410, West Palm Beach, Florida, United States United States
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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- Date: 07/2014, Seed: $1 M (post valuation: $3000000).
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Consumer Initiated Engagement
West Palm Beach, Florida, United States United States
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Company description

In a mobile-enabled world, a broadcast call-to-action that offers a "texting" option allows consumers to respond to ads even when the time isn’t right for a phone call. But there's a problem with "texting". People may know what they want (pizza, lunch, or cash); but most can't remember which numeric texting code to use -- especially when dozens of different short codes are being promoted. 

STiKi offers a simple solution. Marketers know that an easy-to-remember call to action (like 800 FLOWERS) can boost response rates. With STiKi, marketers can express a texting call to action using an easy to recall word. Instead of asking consumers to text "Pizza to 534891" or "Lawyer to 325876", the call to action can be "PIZZA to TODAY", "LAWYER to RADIO" or "DINERO to AHORA." That simplicity of expression and recall means that marketers using STiKi in their call to action can generate more leads for the same media dollars

With STiKi, a consumer who expresses interest via text instantly gets a geo-targeted message that can include an embedded "touch to call" phone number; a store locator link; scannable mobile coupons; games; on-demand video; and more. 

With no upfront costs, advertisers pay only for results -- making STiKi risk-free. Most importantly, STiKi is designed to be TCPA compliant because the texting is always consumer-initiated and consumer-controlled.

To learn more about this simple, low-tech, consumer-initiated engagement tool that drives more leads for the same media dollars, txt “CONNECT” to “TODAY” (86329). Or check out

Stiki | Consumer Initiated Engagement

If reading this on a txt-enabled mobile phone, simply touch here to txt “Stiki” to “RADIO”.




  • Robin Shapiro
    Robin Shapiro | Founder
    Stiki LLC (Co-Founder/CEO) LeadCircle LLC (Co-Founder/CEO) Novation Ventures (Co-Founder, Executive Chair) Morrison & Foerster (Associate and Partner (1982-1996)
  • Sean Driscoll
    Sean Driscoll | Founder
    Sean has been in the lead generation business with a focus on cutting edge technologies for a very long time. With Robin Shapiro, their early understanding of the Mobile Revolution ledto the development and launch of Stiki.
  • Daniel Vose
    Daniel Vose | Team member
    CTO of Stiki. Marketing technologist. Rapid learner & solver of puzzles. Experience: txt marketing systems, web development (front & back end), marketing analytics, online advertising (search, display, social), SEO, phone tracking systems, more
  • Molly Driscoll
    Molly Driscoll | Team member
Business model

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Competitive advantage

Stiki controls a portfolio of strategically important "mnemonic" SMS short codes, including TODAY (86329), RADIO (72462), and AHORA (24672) in the USA and throughout Latin America) (AGORA in Brazil). It is difficult, time-consuming and expensive to secure and maintain these short codes. Stiki controls these codes and, at significant expense, has provisioned each code to respond instantly with a pre-programmed text message whenever a designated keyword is received from any wireless mobile device anywhere in the USA (across every major carrier).   While others may offer shared use of eminently forgettable NUMERIC short codes (e.g "text PedrosPizza43 to 532851") only STiKi can offer brand-builders the use of PIZZA to TODAY; TOYOTA to RADIO; DINERO to AHORA, etc. In sum, exclusive control of these mnemonic short codes affords STiKi a proprietary and defensible advantage. STiKi provides a powerful back-end solution for marketers who demand fast set-up, real time reporting, and quick modification. STiKi instantly responds to each consumer inquiry with a geo-targeted message that can include an embedded "touch to call" phone number; store locator; scannable coupon; mobile game; on demand video; and more. Messaging and response programming can be set-up and modified 24/7 in real time.