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Company description
Sticky is an online, biometric eye-tracking analytics company that helps publishers, advertisers and agencies make more money by knowing exactly what is seen and not seen in all their communication. Sticky has taken eye-tracking out of the lab by creating a cost-effective, highly-scalable webcam solution that goes beyond viewability to what’s actually SEEN™. Sticky's innovative disruptive technology gives publishers what they need to know the true value of their branding inventory and brands what they need to get increase the number of consumers seeing their message. Sticky is how to get more real humans engaged and paying attention. 

Awards and Mentions
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    Sticky is selected as a 2014 Data Advertising Technology Finalist
  • 14551_1970
    PM360 -- the premier, must-read magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries - named Sticky the "most innovative company" in PM360's special issue, Innovations in Pharma Marketing, alongside eleven other firms selected from hundreds of submissions.
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    The ARF Great Mind Awards celebrate individuals who contribute to the advancement of advertising research. The ARF believes that research must become innovative to respond to the new questions that marketers are asking as the media and marketing landscape undergo fundamental and permanent change.
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    iMedia draws some of the world's biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Universal Studios Orlando, American Airlines, Oakley, Xbox and Intel. Summit attendees awarded Sticky technology the iMedia Next Wave award based upon strengths across the following criteria: Innovation and Disruptiveness of Sticky's Solution, Confidence in the team behind the company, Ability to integrate with existing systems, Potential to Scale, Quality and Relevance of Sticky's test cases, and Caliber of Financial Backing.
  • Business model

    Sticky's patented global technology uses regular consumer webcams to track eye movement and identify which ads are actually seen and for how long – making optimizing easier and less costly.  Sticky’s SEEN metric allows advertisers to track and analyze what matters: Which ads consumers spend time focusing on and paying actual attention to.

    Competitive advantage

    Sticky is the only media technology company that has gone beyond viewability to create a new/better standard: absolute certainty on which ads your consumer is focused on and paying attention to.

    Optimize your branding dollars based on a meaningful metric: actually SEEN not viewability; for a greater ROI in the form of brand lift, purchase intent and/or actual sales.