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Building sustainable solutions for living, working and playing
New Haven, Connecticut, United States United States
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SteelLeaf : Building sustainable solutions for living, working and playing

SteelLeaf provides consulting services to property owners, developers and occupiers for the purpose of enhancing environmental, social and economic considerations in building projects.  Its mission is to advance and support a framework for environmentally sustainable building projects by providing training and ongoing consulting advisement services in the areas of energy and carbon emissions, water, waste, material use, project management and ongoing building operations.

The intention of the proposed venture is to generate and implement goals and strategies in the areas of environmental sustainability in the built environment that are supported by building owners, design professionals, project financiers and facilities personnel.

Business model


SteelLeaf aims to achieve its goal of advancing and supporting environmentally sustainable building projects through a series of training workshops and ongoing advisement.  Training prototypes have already been developed and rolled out to architecture and real estate programs in the New York metropolitan area and advisement is proposed for Real Estate Investment Trusts, government agencies and academic institutions since they control campus projects, develop new building systems and have a long-term approach to building management.

Sustainability addresses environmental responsibility, social benefit and economic gains with both immediate and long-term impact to buildings, both new and existing.  There are often conflicts in sustainable project development that are best addressed through analysis of project goals and implementation of strategies, rarely considered during design and construction of many new projects and not at all for existing buildings.