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Company description

Stayhound helps people who love their pets connect with others for pet sitting, play dates, and product recommendations.

We want to leverage social accountability and trusted recommendations to turn your social networks into more than just status updates – they should help you find people who share the same passions as you do in the real world. We're doing this by building a platform for people to broadcast to their trusted networks, identify shared interests with friends and "friends in law", and help them create a trusted network of meaningful relationships.

We're building a mobile-friendly web app that leverages Facebook, Twitter, and Google APIs and will engage users with an inherently social experience. We plan to seamlessly integrate product recommendations from trusted experts within your own social circles to drive lead-gen revenue as well as create compelling opportunities for brands in the $50 billion a year pet products market.

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Business model

Lead-gen, partnerships with companies in the $50B/year pet space.

Competitive advantage

Some startups in this space are trying to clone the Airbnb model of renting your apartment to strangers. But pet parents are much more protective of their pets than their apartments. By building our user experience around trusted connections, we supply what pet parents are really looking for - people they can trust.