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StartupHen helps new entrepreneurs set up a web presence effectively and cheaply by providing them the opportunity work one-on-one with a consultant skilled in business strategy, design, web development, marketing, and PR.

Too often does an entrepreneur talk about his business for months before doing the most basic things like setting up a website, collecting email addresses, and connecting on social media. StartupHen consultants will sit with these entrepreneurs in 8 hour shifts to get everything set up in a period of 1-3 days, Startup Weekend style. Unlike traditional design & development work, the entrepreneur is required to be present and work on the project as well. Consulting sessions will include training and follow-up resources.

Once we prove the model, StartupHen will expand as a franchise, vetting and training individuals who have the diverse skillsets necessary and do not want to get stuck working for one company doing the same thing everyday.

Our target clients include new startups, nonprofits, artists, celebrities, and established small businesses who are looking to set up or rebrand their online presence.

StartupHen's first project was StartupHen, and the 4.5 hour process was documented in live blog style here. In this time, one person was able to (a) buy a domain, (b) design original logo & artwork, (c) set up a website, (d) set up email addresses, (e) set up mailing list to collect emails, and (f) set up branded social media accounts. Working with clients, we expect this process to take 2x-6x longer.