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Do you have a number of jobs to fill by a certain date? Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by recruiting and screening requirements? Have you made more bad hires than Enron? We understand. Even CEOs of some of the most successful startups are stumped by the essential and often bewildering hiring process. Many times, business leaders with a natural knack for hiring have little time to dedicate to the practice.

Whether your enterprise consists of two or 200 employees, we provide thoughtful and timely recruitment services and related expertise. Unsure about what to pay your next hire? We can help. Need to bring someone on board who will accept equity for a period of time? Sure thing. Leave the nitty gritty work to us!

With Startup Recroot, you'll receive exceptional personal and professional recruiting services from experts with a passion for helping growing companies hire the talent they need to excel in today's increasingly competitive marketplace. Our first-rate services will you save you money by eliminating exorbitant headhunters’ fees and advertising costs. And by using our experienced team of highly skilled talent acquisition experts, including former corporate in-house recruiters and headhunters, you'll have more time to focus on building your startup business.

For the past two years, Startup Recroot has developed an innovative approach to recruiting. Our unique brand of service centers on providing one dedicated main point of contact for each individual client.  With more than 30 years of combined experience our talent acquisition team has the insight and commitment necessary to meet the unique hiring needs of startup organizations.

Discover for yourself why more startups, candidates and shareholders are trusting Startup Recroot with their hiring needs!

Competitive advantage

Startup Recroot takes the best practices of 3rd party executive search, staffing, corporate recruiting and RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) and combines them to offer a unique, customized recruiting solution for SMBs and startups who typically do not have an HR or Recruitment department.