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Location: Shree Shakambhari Corporate Park, Plt No: -156-158, J.B. Nagar, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 099, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India India
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
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Startup Choice

Helping Startups Grow
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India India
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Company description

Startup Choice has a team dedicated to helping build your startup business –right from company registration to other tax and management related services. Their team comprises of experts like Chartered Accountants, Legal and Financial Advisors, Tax Consultants among others. Apart from company formation in India, they cater to the overall well-being of your business – right from maintaining your company’s accounts, to registering for taxes and filing returns, to keeping your trademark protected. Startup Choice is a one-stop solution for all your startup requirements.


1. Start Business

Startup Choice was created with a sole aim – to help startups grow. We provide assistance at every step – from the formation of your company to all compliance measures and tax related registrations. We make company formation a hassle-free experience with our online assistance just like any event based compliance. Major engagements of the firm include - tax filings and GST Registration, business registrations(private limited company registration, LLP Registration, Partnership Firm Registration, OPC Registration), regulatory compliances, trademark services, and drafting of legal documents among others.


2. Manage & Protect Business

Other engagements of the firm include registering and protecting your business trademark, drafting of legal documents, changing your business objectives, maintaining the standard book of accounts, and converting your company module among others to maintain the overall health of your business. They offer nothing but the best to ensure that your business follows the required legal measures and is protected in the long run. They were born with one single goal – to help startups grow.






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    We are an Entrepreneur’s PARTNER for everything related to Regulatory Compliance, Accounting and Legal requirements. Not only do we get all your regulatory worries resolved, but also we ensure that it is done in the most Quickest and Affordable ma...
Business model

Startup Choice helps simplify the process of company registration in India. Their online services span across minute aspects to maintain the overall health of your business. Additionally, they cater to managing regulatory compliances such as registering for various taxes, filing returns, drafting legal documents, hassle-free change in company’s objectives, trademark services, among others. They incorporate a qualified team of Chartered Accountants, Financial and Legal experts to ensure the best of services.

Competitive advantage

Startup Choice helps entrepreneurs start and manage their business in an easy manner and at the most reasonable price. Apart from making company registration a hassle-free affair with their online services, they cater across various domains to maintain the overall health of your business. Major engagements span across compiling legal documents, filing returns, tax registrations, meeting statutory compliances and trademark services among others. We keep in mind client satisfaction by providing services that are quick and affordable.