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We are a full service CPA firm that specializes in part time or interim CFO and Controller work to help you understand and manage your business.  We do the heavy lifting on cash flow forecasting and analysis, budgeting, investor and banking relationships, governmental compliance, taxes, daily operations and strategic planning.  This provides businesses access to very experienced CPA's without the need and expense of hiring a full time finance executive.

References and examples of previous work

Medium sized Saas company: Built liquidation preference model for scenario planning for company with complex Preferred and Common ownership structure to help management and investors understand impact of additional funding on dilution and "cash out" positions.

Small manufacturer: Single owner frustrated by shortage of cash with a profitable P&L every year.  He had trouble understanding standard financial statement and cash flow analysis.  We setup custom cash dashboard based on metrics he understood.  It was a growing, seasonal business with long Accounts Receivable and short contract/employee payment arrangements. 

Small to medium equipment rental company: Partners purchased every piece of equipment they could think of that someone might need to rent.  This required renting a substantial warehouse at significant cost.  Most customers gave several days notice for rental needs, which normally requires several pieces and setup.  Certain pieces of equipment could be leased and the costs passed on.  We analyzed the cost of leasing versus the cost of warehousing and saved the company a considerable amount of money by leasing larger, low margin, easy to lease, pieces of equipment and rented a much smaller warehouse.