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Company description
Stall Talk, Inc. is the market share leader in portable restroom advertising with its extensive network 300,000+ portable restrooms across 84 market in 27 states. Stall Talk engages consumers face-to-face by transforming rows of these portable restrooms into GIANT, mural-style advertisements at the largest outdoor concerts, festivals, marathons, triathlons, and sports venues in the world.

Our national footprint and full-service fulfillment services allow us to create “win-win-win” situations for many brands, agencies, media buyers, event organizers, and portable restroom operators. We bridge the gap between experiential and OOH, as well as social media and mobile marketing efforts, by connecting the most common denominator of all outdoor events, portable restrooms.

Most outdoor events only last two or three days, but Stall Talk offers every major outdoor event on a single portable restroom distribution network. Stall Talk activates these direct marketing campaigns via sampling and state-of-the-art mobile marketing technologies, delivering leads, data, and analytics to brands.

Advertisers can also offer incentives to people standing in line for the restroom to convert impressions into prospects using our mobile marketing technologies. Build your mobile marketing database to follow up with responders automatically via SMS, direct-to-voicemail, and/or email.

Stall Talk, and our strategic network of high-profile events, venues and construction sites, delivers your campaign’s messages directly to hyper-local audiences in a way that captures their attention and will NOT be ignored.

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Business model

Stall Talk generates sales by providing various marketing services (campaign strategy, media planning, graphic design, mobile marketing, and response analytics) for small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as [inter] national brands represented by media buyers from public relations, communications, marketing, advertising, and media representative companies. Sales are driven by our direct sales staff and event partners, who bundle our services to create new sponsorship packages resold by their staff. 

Competitive advantage

Major competitive advantages include first mover’s advantage, key industry relationships, and multi-year exclusive advertising contracts to 20.1% of total portable restrooms in the United States. Each one of our local portable restroom operator service several hundred outdoor events every year.  Over the past year, the company acquired partners in 78 markets and services more than 15,600 outdoor events annually. These events will be converted into inventory for sale on

 Further, the Billboard and Outdoor Advertising industry requires a significant amount of capital due to the costs associated with billboard construction and maintenance. In addition, the industry requires labor to install and maintain displays and advertisements. In 2012, labor costs are expected to account for about 17.2% of industry revenue, while depreciation is estimated to account for 18.0%. As a result, IBISWorld estimates that firms in the industry will spend $1.05 on the replacement of displays and equipment for every $1.00 spent on wages. This ratio implies that the industry is highly capital intensive. Stall Talk does not own its advertising inventories and can acquire market share quickly with very little overhead costs. Other advantages include length of impressions, flexibility in offering the same ads at multiple local events at very little cost.