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Staffly, Inc.

Vator Splash LA 2015
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Staffly, Inc.
The Better Way to Work.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Staffly instantly provides retailers with screened, insured and trained Staffers.

Retail employee attrition rates are 67% and workers miss 21 days a year of work. Over half of the absences are last minute. The normal for main street business owners is always to be down a person or two.


Thousands of people looking for part-time work. 80% of college students want to work part-time, 47% of stay at home parents think that working part-time would be ideal, and 54% of baby boomers expect to work part-time in retirement.

Staffly handles the time-consuming responsibilities of interviewing, background checks, training, payroll, workers’ comp, and taxes.   Staffly deploys our Staffer service into retailers by providing a short retailer orientation to our Staffers, enabling them to quickly hit the ground running.  Staffly Staffers are always ready to show up and work.





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Business model

Staffly provides on-demand staffing to retailers.  Retailers pay an hourly fee when they use our service that includes a profit margin to Staffly.  We launched in March and have recognized triple digit growth month over month.  In the month of August, we had a 400%+ increase in hours worked by our Staffers reaching over 5,400 hours.

Competitive advantage

Industry knowledge.  Our proprietary ability to systematically recruit, screen and hire quality retailer hourly staff.  

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