Wine in a glass of its own!
Newport Beach, California, United States United States
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Company description

Get hip in a sip with STACKED: it's wine in a glass of its own!

Get that just-opened taste with every sip – it's ready to drink and easy to dispose.

STACKED Wine is designed on ingenious convenience. You don’t want to open a fresh bottle and search for a glass every time you want some wine. Serve wine by the glass, fresh and self-contained, and let the party clean-up itself.

Whether you’re hosting at home, throwing a gala or running a restaurant, take a glass off the top and top off everyone’s expectations. STACKED Wine is designed for vertical storage, similar to a wine bottle. Just peel and sip in an instant.


Business model

STACKED will use a basic product-sales business model.  The three sales channels that STACKED will target include retail, entertainment, and travel. In order to prove the concept and establish a track record, STACKED will initially target small retailers and locally based entertainment venues.  Once STACKED has gained traction after an estimated three years, STACKED will target national retailers, distributors and the travel industry.

Competitive advantage

STACKED’s competitive advantage includes both the unique brand positioning as well as intellectual property protections.

The single-serve wine industry primarily competes on the following factors: convenience, quality, trendiness, and wine experience.  Traditional companies have stuck with mini bottles, which closely resemble the traditional wine experience, but do not offer the convenience increasingly desired by wine drinkers as discovered in AC Nielson’s 2007 survey, which found that the number one factor in consumer’s food and beverage purchasing decisions is “speed of life.”  The survey stated that new products “must provide convenient consumer solutions: portability, ease of use, & preparation time.”  Aluminum cans and paper/Tetrapak boxes simplify the packaging process and offer very high convenience, however they lack the sophistication most consumers expect to accompany wine.  Therefore, despite the flood of new entrants to the alternative wine packaging market, STACKED has developed a unique product that achieves all four competing factors: STACKED is convenient and trendy, while providing quality wine and a sophisticated wine experience.