Transforming Water Quality Management
Marina, California, United States United States
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Company description

Spyglass offers a revolutionary water monitoring solution to better manage the health of our water systems.  Contaminated water is a growing threat.  Current testing methods are unable to keep pace with the increasing human impact on water resources.  Spyglass provides a more complete picture of water quality by taking proven laboratory methods to the field in an automated system.  With the patented technology available from Spyglass, environmental managers can monitor changes in water quality in real time and over time, enabling them to identify patterns and develop powerful early warning systems.

Business model

The Spyglass Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) System:

Eliminates the need to bring samples to a lab.

The Spyglass system provides the first and only automated way to perform advanced water quality tests outside of a lab.

Helps our customers take a deeper look. The Spyglass system enables “high fidelity” biological tests that use DNA analysis to precisely identify the microscopic organisms present in a water sample and the chemical parameters in which the microbes are living.

Shows our customers a bigger picture of the environment.
Because the Spyglass system conducts tests directly in the body of water and not in the lab, managers can simultaneously measure a range of conditions, helping them discover connections between physical, chemical and biological changes in the water.

Competitive advantage

Contaminated water is a growing threat

As urban populations expand on the world’s coastlines our oceans are becoming more polluted. Contaminated water sickens people and animals, makes recreational waterways unusable, and threatens fishing areas and aquaculture farms. 

Testing methods are inadequate
Current water monitoring solutions deliver only a snapshot of the total information available. They require samples to be collected and transported to a lab for testing, which limits the number and frequency of samples and may degrade the quality of the results.

Spyglass ESP provides a more complete picture
Never before have managers been able to monitor changes in the microbiology of a body of water in real time and over time, enabling them to identify patterns and develop powerful early warning systems.