Spout Interactive Inc.

Port Coquitlam, Canada Canada
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Spout Interactive Inc is a company in Vancouver, BC that analyzes social media data and what can collect, research and create from it. 

Our flagship product: Tale; looks at many different social media services and aggregates them into a visual presentation. The goal of the data aggregation is to funnel the content into a curated source that looks visually appealing as well simplifies the message to the end-user. 

Our inspiration comes from comic books with the inspiring graphics and story telling that immerses a reader. With Tale we care about the visuals. We strive to educate and encourage the customer of the best choices to make with their social media content, topics and brand. 

With unlimited online media many users will follow a limited number of sources for a brand that they enjoy. Some users who follow on Twitter may not follow on YouTube for example. With Tale the companies social story is told in a single platform, thus allowing the visitor the full social experience to all the content generated about a brand or topic. 

Tale is your digital footprint.