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With so many technological advances these days, people have become accustomed to the idea of social networking and online communications. Suffice to say that with so many interactions being held in the cyber world, it’s still difficult to make those same connections in the real world.

Our goal with Spotvite makes it easy for you to make those connections with people who live around you through fun activities, meet ups, and adventures.



Awards and Mentions
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    The application is designed to eliminate the frustrations of missing deliveries that require signatures, including delayed receipt of envelopes and packages, having to reschedule deliveries, and having to take time away from work to take receipt of deliveries. EZSlip saves time and money for overnight delivery and shipping companies by eliminating the need for and costs associated with storing and redelivering of packages, while also reducing the risk of mishandling packages.
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    Peter Ma is a winner of Snaptic’s first Move Your App! Developer Challenge. An offshoot of Jamie Oliver’s 2010 TED Prize wish, Move Your App!
  • Business model

    Our application will be available for free to download. However we will employ the following methods to generate revenue.

    Primary  - We plan to charge transaction fees for sold "spots" or tickets per casual event.



    Competitive advantage

    Competition - lets users host groups based on interests however uers pay monthly fee to host groups. The groups are also meant for formal meetings and gatherings but they do have a strong presence in gathering people. - lets users host events. Users can attend events by buying free or paid tickets. The events tend to be formal and large in size and they also take a percentage of each ticket sold.

    Facebook events - is already heavily used for mainly within a friend circle. However it is still difficult to use for casual events.