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Spot Labs, Inc
Powering the Internet of Places
Oakland, California, United States United States
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Company description

We bridge the gap between online and physical worlds by providing a software platform that extends the Android ecosystem to public devices.

Location owners benefit by leveraging their investments in online and mobile  to optimize their in-location experience.

Developers benefit by having a way to impact the physical world in a way they never had before.


Upload your applications to your private app store:

Application Management


Push the applications to your touch screens (of any size) or any subset of touch screens segmented by custom tags:

Device Management


And now you have a native Android app running on networks of public touch screens, with everything managed from a web portal:

App on screen


For a video showcasing this technology being used in Kroger retail stores, please see our i-wireless case study video below:

Awards and Mentions
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    Vator Splash Oakland is Vator's premier startup event and competition.
  • Business model

    Spot Labs delivers Software-as-a-Service to our customers, who are the app developers and agencies that already develop retail and other location experiences for major brands and charging $60 – $250 per device per month for use of the NVPlatform™. The specific amount a customer pays depends on the number of devices the NVPlatform™ powers. A typical customer signs a 1 – 2 year contract.

    This is analogous to the way wireless carriers charge for their services. This type of subscription business model provides three key benefits.

      • Stable Revenues: Unlike seasonal, one-time purchases, this recurring revenue model provides a reliable source of income regardless of troughs in the business cycle.


      • High Profit Margins: Because we provide a platform, we do not have to employ staff to deal with ongoing customization of our technology. This allows the company to keep a stable cost structure, with headcount growth being driven solely by revenue growth.


      • Low Capital Requirements: Our software service is based on cloud infrastructure so the company owns almost no capital equipment. Additionally, Spot Labs never takes ownership of the hardware our customers deploy or provide labor-intensive creative services.


    Spot Labs therefore has minimal capital requirements, allowing us to control headcount, get to breakeven quickly, and avoid re-investing capital for incremental growth.


    Competitive advantage

    The dominant players in “in-location marketing” are large video broadcasters, such as ClearChannel and CBS. The in-location content these video broadcasters deliver is passive and The media they deliver provide impressions, or “eyeballs,” which is analogous to a television commercial.

    Their platforms do not support interactivity and are not based upon open standards.

    The companies that do provide digital, rather than video, solutions are built on a vertically integrated business model. This requires them to provide all the required services (hardware, software, creative services, and operations) for a solution in order to be profitable
    The need to provide the creative services and app development narrows the funnel of business they can deliver.

    In reality, the large marketing agencies that control the budgets from Brands prefer to do this work themselves.
    Spot Labs’ technology and product offering is built to empower, rather than compete, with marketing agencies that serve Fortune 500 retailers. The NVPlatform™ provides an interactive AND open system that agencies can leverage to create in-location apps for their clients.

    We are the only players currently who are using an open platform model.  This allows us to be suppliers rather than competitors to all the digital interactive agencies .