Sportaneous makes it easy for busy people to play team sports.
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Sportaneous makes it easy for busy people to play sports by harnessing location-based technology to facilitate pick-up sports games at any time.  Through the Sportaneous mobile app and website, a person can quickly view all sports games that have been proposed in his surrounding neighborhoods.  The user can choose to join whichever game best fits his schedule, location, and skill level.  Alternatively, a Sportaneous user may spontaneously propose a game himself (for example, a beginner soccer game in Central Park three hours from now), which allows all Sportaneous users in the Manhattan area to join the game until the maximum number of players has been reached.

Business model

Growth Strategy & Revenue Model:

We will take advantage of the network effect by gaining a critical mass in New York City and San Diego. After demonstrating utility in these two cities, we will deploy a regional expansion strategy.  Since our initial focus is on growth, we do not seek to capture any short-term revenue that comes at the expense of user traction.  We will offer the mobile phone application as a free download, and our website will be free to join. Once we reach a critical mass (currently defined as 500,000 users), we will have three sources of revenue:  (1) Subscription fees from private facilities; (2) Premium Sportaneous membership option; (3) Location-based targeted advertisements.

Competitive advantage

The heart of Sportaneous’ competitive advantage is the ability for its users to very spontaneously decide to play a sports game as easily and quickly as they might decide to go to the gym.  No competitor thus far has succeeded in implementing this spontaneous element to pick-up sports games, which we feel is integral for any customer that has a busy or unpredictable schedule. Although companies like MeetUp allow people to come together over a common interest, these meetings typically happen days in advance. In contrast, the driving force behind Sportaneous is the ability for its users to quickly and spontaneously play sports.