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Company description

Splarchive is a free service that converts your files to PDFs and stores them in your own private "cloud" where you can search and display your files from any device.

Splarchive enables you to save, search and read all of your documents for years to come. Splarchive is built on the PDF format which is the preferred open standard for preserving digital documents. Once you Splarchive your files, no company in the world can ever get between you and your documents (not even Splarchive). They remain safe, private and never grow outdated. No other service gives you a better chance of preserving your documents for the future than Splarchive.

Plus, we've made things simple. How? You use applications you already know how to operate. Just upload by e-mail and view with a browser. Anyone can do it.


Business model

Splarchive.com, the consumer product will display context aware ads in your dashboard based on the documents you search for. It also will provide subscriptions to users needing more than a minimal amount of document storage.

Splarchive Pro generates revenue from consulting related to custom installations as well as server licensing.

Competitive advantage

Incredibly easy to get your documents in via email and just as easy to get them out by searching for them on your PC/Mac, SmartPhone or Tablet and viewing or downloading them.