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Spirit of the Moon
Moon Water
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Company description

Promoting awareness with regard to growing interest in the return of the US to the moon.


We believe it is OUR mission to capture the spirit - The Spirit of the MoonTM - of all of the trials and tribulations, successes and failures, that have led us from that first Moon walk to the present day discovery - into a commemorative bottle of Moon WaterTM.  We commend all involved in the lunar programs, past and future, including the NASA Constellation Program now underway.

Bottled Moon Water - a taste that is out of this WorldTM!

Business model

startup phase - website development, product & concepts, peer feedback on ideas, procurment of IP


promotional phase (early 2010) - marketing, advertising, flyers, awareness, social websites, contact with buyers &/or applicable grocers.  Recent events include speaking on 740 AM KTRH Morning Show (Houston, TX), registration of State of Texas trademarks for our product, and handing out promotional items at the Chevron Houston Marathon.


Moon Water is a great tasting bottle of premium purified water, bottled right here in the great state of Texas, that currently commemorates the confirmation of the existence of water on the moon surface.  "Currently" means Moon Water will have new twists in 2010:  we have some proprietary ideas and concepts in mind that will make this product more than what it is.


revenue phase (3Q 2010) - local/regional sales.


Moon Water brand beverages are now selectively available at Hubbell & Hudson (The Woodlands, TX).


2011 - national sales

Competitive advantage

No product on the market like this; space & space related products is untapped.


Our promo video link/flash: http://www.bottleofmoonwater.com/


We Really feel that 2010 is a lot like 1961 - this decade, in terms of the space program and the moon, has the potential to resemble the 60's.

without going into tangents related to government and/or the politics involved, you have at least two prong race going on right now: 1) Nasa constellation program, which in one part envisions a return of a human to the moon on or about 2020, and 2) the Google lunar X program, which is a commercial venture similarly dedicated to the same, albeit with a robot.


So whether it's our country, another country, or private industry, you'll have an entire generation of kids and young adults who have no concept of what a "lunar landing," at least not in terms of a "real time" (something that isn't MTV, youtube, video game, etc.) ...they're going to grow up through this decade hearing about it, and then seeing it unfold for their very own eyes.


And that's really where this product is headed... two main derivative ideas...  1) a medium for teaching, one bottle at a time, about space, the moon, etc., and 2) more distinctly an alternative beverage for parents and kids.  Kids drink pop or soda, and other sugar concentrated drinks...offer them a bottle of water, maybe they take it, maybe they don't... but give them something fun and interesting to look at in terms of a product, and you've got a potentially way-healthier option available.


Have aspirations of national reach, but currenly we're reaching out to local grocers like Specs, Buc-ee's, Rice epicurean, etc., in the Houston-area.  But also looking at things like an agreement with Nasa/the space center, space center souvenir shops, and the like.


Basically in 4Q 2009 and 1Q 2010 we're just in the promotional stage - just trying to get the word out.  It's a long term project, but at least initially there's a great tie-in for this product living here in Houston: the "Space city"... so there's room for growth, even if just on a local or state level.  The state-granted trademark on Moon Water gives legitimacy to the product undertaking.