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SpineZone is in the business of eliminating over-treatment and narcotics usage of orthopedic back and neck pain patients to minimize cost, while offering a reliable treatment to sustainably relieve patients’ pain. Currently back pain is the #1 cause of disability worldwide, costs over $100B in US annual direct expenditures, and has an estimated $30B spent on unnecessary care. Existing treatments vary widely, are not based on scientific principles or data, and care delivery models are not aligned with patients.

Over 10 years, SpineZone has improved outcomes and shown unparalleled success in patient satisfaction with its data driven non-operative back pain program. The results include a 31% total cost of care savings as published by Sharp Community Medical Group in a CAPG publication in 2013. CAPG (California Association of Physician Group) is the leading association in the country representing physician organizations practicing capitated, coordinated care.

SpineZone has increased its accessibility from five owned and operated clinics in San Diego, to nationwide with an online platform and personalized 6-week online program to coach, teach, and train back pain patients back to health. The company’s approach has been lauded on the floor of the US Congress because of its advanced use of science, technology, analytics, incentives, and best practices in spine care.


SpineZone’s Product consists of its Online and Onsite Clinical Programs, and its Technology.


Traditional back pain treatments like physical therapy, acupuncture, injections, and chiropractic are inconsistent and incentivized to keep patients returning for treatment in a fee for service model. SpineZone is founded by surgeons who have developed a treatment methodology based on best practices across modalities. The treatment is based on 120 peer reviewed articles and has been perfected over the last 10 years of research and development in the SpineZone labs. Programs are personalized for patients based on a core 20-session onsite progression and a 6-week online progression. The main areas addressed are: strength, posture, and cognitive behavior health.


SpineZone uses specialized equipment onsite to measure and compare patient’s strength at various degrees of flexion with the statistically modeled mean for their demographic. Detailed posture pictures quantify the degree of postural abnormality in the neck, shoulders, pelvis, and spine and specific exercises are prescribed based on proven data algorithms. Anxiety, depression, and catastrophization are screened for and addressed during our program by our staff. Traditional Physical Therapy treats patients on average for 2-3 visits. SpineZone has perfected their patient engagement to evaluate and treat patients on average for 12 visits in the onsite program. This is 4-5 times the industry norm for keeping patients engaged in a nonoperative back program.


Patient’s progress, medication usage, function, and pain is tracked closely so that their program can be adjusted as necessary for optimal outcomes. SpineZone has also designed a custom EHR, Practice Management Software, and Home Exercise System for treating, charting, tracking, and reporting on patient outcomes. The platform makes advanced analytics and predictive modelling available to partners.


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Business model

The SpineZone business model is directly aligned with the challenge of lowering the cost of care and improving patient outcomes.


SpineZone has successfully treated > 10,000 patients with over 100,000 live patient encounters, and has published evidence of improved outcomes in CAPG, 2013. The results were presented in 2014 at the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine in Seoul, Korea. The innovative treatment is based on carefully measured active strengthening of the patient's spine and improvement of posture, in the context of cognitive behavioural therapy. Over 74% of SpineZone patients have completely eliminated all use of narcotics by the end of their program.


Partners of SpineZone like Scripps Clinic and Sharp Community Medical Group report vastly improved patient outcomes with a drastically lower need for medications, injections, imaging, specialist visits, and surgery. SpineZone takes financial risk in its contracts with Health Systems and Health Plans, which serves to align their incentives. If the Health Systems do not reduce their total cost of care, SpineZone is financially responsible. If the cost savings exceed projections, SpineZone receives a share of the savings.

Competitive advantage
  • Our data from 100k patient encounters
  • Predictive modeling and clinical decision support tools
  • Integrated intake, EHR, outcomes software with spine strengthening equipment
  • Our team of experts in the fields of medicine, engineering, design and marketing