Location: 311 Ray street, Pleasanton, California, United States United States
Stage: Profitable
Number of employees: 31-50
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Pleasanton, California, United States United States
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Company description
spigit sells enterprise software to increase efficiency, innovation and revenue.
Business model


Business Innovation relies on effective and continual communication between your employees, customers & partners.  We sell software that increases efficiency, innovation and revenue for large enterprises.


Competitive advantage
The heart of our technology is our IdeaRank, RepUrank and currency management, integrated with innovation markets, prediction markets, social networking, and contests and challenges. Current innovation and feedback solutions that only utilize popular vote can produce results with little objectivity and filtering, leading to an expensive and time consuming evaluation process. Leveraging a smaller audience with targeted expertise can be more manageable; however, it drastically reduces the size of your audience and loses the voice of the overall population. By using a multitude of algorithms, spigit optimizes the value of an individual’s contributions and expertise, and in the process dramatically improves the results produced by traditional network-enabled feedback mechanisms (social networks, traditional voting and review systems), while keeping traditional methods for engaging users and capturing feedback constant.