Location: 1700 E. Putnam Avenue, Suite 401, Old Greenwich, Connecticut, United States United States
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Spencer Trask

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Old Greenwich, Connecticut, United States United States
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Spencer Trask is a venture firm committed to developing innovative ideas into world-changing companies.  The company is the legacy of Mr. Spencer Trask, the financier who backed Thomas Edison and invested in the light bulb, the first electric grid and the phonograph. Modern day Spencer Trask has the same entrepreneurial spirit,  recognizing new ideas that have had a profound impact in their respective industries, such as: Vodafone; Myriad Genetics; Ciena; Osiris Therapeutics; Health Dialog and InnoCentive.



Previous investments

Evidence-Based Medicine – Health Dialog 

Mobile Telecom – Vodafone

Genomics – Myriad Genetics

Optical Networking – Ciena

Stem Cell Therapy – Osiris Therapeutics

Open Innovation – InnoCentive