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SpaceVR is building Human™, a Virtual Reality (VR) controllable humanoid robot built to perform labor tasks Earth or in Space. Using any VR headset (i.e. Oculus, HTC VIVE, Samsung GearVR), Human will use real organic Human Intelligence (HI) to create Intelligence Augmentation (IA) in the short term (less than 3 years). This combined with simulation will prime Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate ALL human activities allowing for an extremely large scale development of robotic hardware and a huge business market. This will start the New Industrial Revolution on Earth and in Space. Human is designed after the skeletal and muscle structure of the human body. Like Apple SpaceVR will design with extreme care every bone, every muscle, every ligament, to allow Human replicate the best and most beautiful user interface that ever existed - the human body. Companies like Boston Dynamics™ are going straight to Artificial Intelligence and we believe they have a made a massive overstep, missing what actually makes the world work - Human Intelligence. Using a VR system comprised of three parts (a VR headset, VR gloves, and VR tracking nodes), SpaceVR will enable HI to power every job on Earth and in Space from any location on Earth. Immediately globalizing (or more so universalizing) all job markets and creating a brand new (and valuble) market in space. This is the next stage of Human evolution. At first all jobs will be done remotely by people in lesser economic areas, think China and Mexico or poor small cities in the middle of the USA. The benefits are infinite in all industries. Construction, Manufacturing, Administration, Transportation, Cleaning, Security … and also gives workers a clear path for skill building and a clear way to build their human capital to do more and more advance jobs, think about a rural Chinese farmer going from farmer to expert synthetic biologist. All from their home where they can enjoy time with their family. Even people with phyiscal handicaps or Parkinson's Disease can work again since Human would smooth out their shaking hands or give them body parts they currently don’t have. The large number of Human robots willl form a harware network that will create and store the biggest and most valuable data set ever created. Every job will be recorded, stored and processed in the SpaceVR Human Database. To enable this SpaceVR needs to design and build a low mass and low electrical power arm with a lifting capability of at least 10 kg (22.5 lbs) (See Target Job Posting) and create a worldwide low latency internet connection between people and all the Human™ robotic hardware. This docment will walk through multiple ways this can be achieved, along with the timeline and costs to do so. By leveraging the best in current terrestrial and space data networks and commerical robotic susbsystem (near term – less then 3 years) and building custom beautiful factories and hardware in-house (long term) SpaceVR will solve all the techanical latency and robotic arm challenges involved with bring Human to market.