Space Industries

Perth, Australia Australia
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Company description

Space Industries is developing a space mining vehicle which will be used to mine Helium-3 (3He) from the moon surface and return it to Earth, the company has developed a new method for mining the moons surface much more efficiently to previous methods.

The bi-products of 3He production will produce Oxygen for use on the moon for replenishing breathable atmosphere, H2 and O2 which can be used to replenish rockets as fuel and Water to support life on the moon and in space.

Space Industries is progressing to construct it's functioning mock-up and is intending to launch the company to the industry at the Off Earth Mining Forum in November 2019 held by UNSW/ACSER.


Business model

Our goal is to complete the development of our mining spaceship, deploy it to the moon and demonstrate the capabilities whilst returning 3He to the Earth. This goal when achieved will put Space Industries as the only secure and constant supply ability of 3He on Earth. To achieve this goal we will partner with industry experts and other capability providers to ensure a smooth and successful development and operation process utilizing many decades of experience and expertise.

Competitive advantage

Currently there is no country or company that has achieved mining in space and that has had the experience required to achieve being a space mining company, Space Industries brings together over 100 years of mining technology experience which are the required team from the global mining leading country of Australia to develop and produce a new mining method based on the geology and requirements of the space environment.


The team have a demonstrated track record of developing mine projects from early stage exploration through to large scale production in some of the harshest and most hostile environment on Earth, the team also have extensive research in mining automation and mine design and servicing which have enabled them to develop a technology free of future issues through the mining process.