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Offgridbox is a product developed and owned by Sowlis, Inc., a Delaware C-Corp. Globally we are the only solution that can basic energy and clean water, at an affordable price, to an entire village. Our innovative technology can help more than 2 billion people worldwide who lack access to energy and clean water. We are currently working to deploy these boxes in rural Rwanda. The product, called OffGridBox ("OGB" or unit) is a small yet rugged cubic container (6x6x6 feet) which is engineered to generate electricity and purify water in off-the- grid context through solar (and wind) generation and its integrated water treatments. In our business model the unit is managed by a local women's cooperative. Each unit can provide Tier 1 electricity and sterilized water to 230 families (around 1000 people) at a cost of 0.12$ per day per family on a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) basis. The distribution of energy and water is done on a daily basis. Families visit the box, collect treated water and subscribe to our recharging battery service, receiving a family kit composed of a battery pack, LED bulbs and a phone adapter. The use of disposable batteries, kerosene or diesel for electricity production is thus completely eliminated. This prevents environmental pollution and mitigates climate change.