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Digital word-of-mouth. We organize and bring offline conversations about your city online. 

 85% of consumers search for local information online. Many are currently using 4-7 social media websites to find local information, which makes the search process time-consuming, burdensome, and highly inefficient. Additionally, search results are often out-of-date & inaccurate. Sooligan is an integrated platform where consumers can find and share reviews and recommendations, local information, get deals, ask questions, and receive answers.

Sooligan provides a real-time social search platform where users can find and share opinions regarding daily local experiences in any city. Users leave up-to-second RAVES and RANTS about every aspect of their daily lives--- from the weather, to traffic, to classes, restaurants and local businesses, or football games. This creates an interactive snapshot of the current culture and local sentiments of any city, at any time. Ultimately, this interactive dialogue increases a sense of community in the city, and deliver the best local experiences for all. 

Sooligan can be used by the typical social media user, and thus, have wide market appeal. However, through first-hand experience and customer development research, we found that college students will find our system most useful and thus they make up our early market. Universities provide an established and centralized market for Sooligan to spread. Students are comfortable with technology, influence their generation, & every year 21.6 million students attend American colleges. 

We have two potential streams of revenue: the My City Life (MCL) & the Sooligan Business pages. MCL integrates moments-based ads into the user experience, triggered by a technology that identifies what is most relevant to the user at that moment. For example, a RAVE about a cupcake will show an ad for a bakery nearby. The Sooligan Business pages allows businesses to connect w/customers while also receiving real-time customer analytic & insight.

Sooligan's competitors focus either on business or social, not the combination of the two in real-time. In 2012, a third-party firm conducted an invention analysis that stated Sooligan does not mirror any current direct competition. A copy of the report is available upon request. Although the social media market is saturated, Sooligan has unique features to stand out amongst its competitors. Other indirect competitors include: Yelp, AroundMe, Urbanspoon, etc.

Sooligan’s most unique feature is a keyword technology that allows the system to recognize what the users' interests are and pair it with information provided by other users. For example, a user RAVING about a cup of coffee will see questions made in the city regarding coffee. It allows users to always see the most relevant information to them at any given moment. We have a provisional patent for the technology. The Sooligan trademark is pending.

 Sooligan is a company that thrives on being innovative, current on the latest news and developments in tech and world events, as well as possessing an obsession with quality. Both founders (UC Berkeley alums) is an all-female combo who come from strong business backgrounds, while the lead web & mobile developers, respectively, are by all accounts geniuses in their field. The Sooligan team is a strong, gifted, and hard-working unit with a great sense of humor who truly love what they do.