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Company description

Soma Media helps conferences record, distribute and monetize conference presentations to a wider audience via the web and DVD.  What makes us unique from our competition is our ability to quickly produce podcasts on-site at an event and our recording methods don't require us to install any software or attach any hardware to the speaker's computer.  Our process does not interfere in any way with the presenter.


References and examples of previous work

1. Microsoft MIX - 
Free Windows Media, Silverlight and iPod compatible QuickTime movies available for download.  Presentation content was made available online within 24 hours of being presented at the conference.

2. Microsoft Unified Communications Launch 2007 - 
Free Windows Media, Silverlight and PPT presentations available for download.

3. Macworld Encore -
Free presentations available for online viewing.  A DVD-ROM set is also available for purchase.


4. SIGGRAPH Encore -

Buy a subscription to the conference year or purchase and download individual presentations.