Solo Technology Holdings, LLC
Location: to be updated, United States
Founded in: 2016
Number of employees: 1-5
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Solo Technology Holdings, LLC

United States
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Company description

Solo Technology Holdings, LLC is an emerging “Internet of Things” company focused on creating innovative and easy-to-use technology products, services and platforms for both personal use and commercial applications. They introduced the world’s first line of Smart Safe storage devices, the iKeyp, to protect everything from valuables, documents and assets to medications and personal items.





Business model

The iKeyp Pro Smart Safe is the first in a line of internet-connected storage devices that employs multiple active security measures to deliver real-time alerts, allowing users to monitor the safekeeping of currency, documents, medications and other private or valuable items at home or in high-traffic environments such as dorm rooms, multi-roommate apartments and assisted living homes. 


Competitive advantage

The iKeyp Pro was first developed to help abate the current prescription drug abuse epidemic in the United States.  After researching this problem, we learned of another potentially bigger problem, which is that people in the United States do not take prescriptions as prescribed, increasing medical costs and poor health outcomes.  With this in mind, as a byproduct of protecting medication securely inside the safe, we understood that the iKeyp can also improve health outcomes by providing intelligent reminders to take medication not only proactively but if a person has forgotten as well.  This feature is critical and distinctive, because most existing mobile apps for medication reminders offer nothing more than pre-set alarms and have no context as to whether a person has taken their medication or not.