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Company description

Solar Panels 4u

Designs complete Solar Systems for the Home & Industry


Solar Panels 4 U is an alternate energy sustainable equipment integrator and innovator 

that is marketing, developing or working on the following equipment and components:


      High generation Photovoltaic panels

      Efficient Wind Turbines for high electric generation

      Solar heat equipment to generate electricity (under development)

      Energy Storage equipment


These components are used to integrate off the grid stand alone equipment, such as:

Outdoor LED lights for communities, towns, cities, development complex, parking lots and factories


      Solar and wind based Electrical generation and storage (under research)

      Off the grid solar water heater using nanotechnology

      Remote energy independent and wireless surveillance equipment

      Other applications



A US partner with a manufacturing/construction background who is interested in establishing an equipment  integration/assembly business, focusing on solar and wind technology components, to sell and distribute this equipment to all potential buyers.


1.        Functional and cost-efficient equipment designs, and the parts/components needed to integrate this equipment/product

2.      Leads and contacts to many US and foreign buyers, and potential customer for the equipment being integrated in the US

3.      Part of the equity required by the US equipment integration operation



1.      Manufacturing/construction, equipment integration background experience

2.      Leads and contacts to Potential US and foreign buyers for the equipment 

3.      Part of the equity required by the US Equipment integration operation


The US integration and assembly operation should be a light weigh company which buys, imports and stocks parts and components, assembles and distributes equipment, services and maintains the equipments, and provides  equipment warranties to buyers. Provides input coming from customers of possible design concepts and innovation to Solar Panels 4 U to incorporate these in new equipment.      


Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Create a new company

Establish Board of Directors and appoint CEO

Provide some equity to get facilities and establish some initial equipment for demo purposes 


Suppliers of Solar Panels Batteries & Inverters, Wind Turbines

Solutions for Solar Heating & Cooling

Research & Development New Products Implentation.

Solar Street Lights

Solar LEDS

Vachum Tubes & flat Panels



Business model


    Energise your career with a green franchise opportunity from

    Solar Panels 4 UTM

    Solar Panel 4 UTM has spent several years working on solar projects both independently and in partnership with other companies. The company has decided to now expand their concept internationally through a franchise network. 

    Solar Panel 4 UTM wants to considerably contribute to the environment by delivering and installing environmentally friendly systems, which can reproduce and/or generate energy without the waste of natural resources. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate costs associated with utility electric services through the design and installation of Solar Photovoltaic systems, Solar PV systems, the use of Aero generators (Wind Turbines) and other sources of renewable energy.



    Anyone who invests in a franchise opportunity with us becomes part of our franchise team. This team operates using our core values and aims, which include:

    • An innovative and enterprising approach to the provision of environmental friendly energy.
    • The maintenance of strong and mutually beneficial partnership and supplier relationships.
    The provision of high quality products and services, along with top customer service for our clients, along with a speedy delivery and support.
  • The achievement of all promises and agreements made to our customers, partners and suppliers.


We have developed strong relationships with our partners which are mutually beneficial and also, key to our success.


Kingspan Group is a leading manufacturer of a range of sustainable products for the construction and renewable energy industry. Since 2009 Solar Panel 4 UTM has an exclusive partnership for their environmental products.

MM4 Web Design:

MM4 Web Design has been a partner of Solar Panel 4 UTM from the very beginning for everything involved with our website.  The following services are provided to all our franchisees through MM4 Web Design:

  • Own Domain
  • Own Website in Solar Panels 4 UTM layout
  • Link to Solar Panel 4 UTM's database, providing access to information on all our products
  • Direct "contact us" form
  • Own email address
  • MM4 Web Design Support package

Growth Marketing Services:

Solar Panel 4 UTM also has an exclusive partnership with Growth Marketing Services, who arrange the Solar Panel 4 UTM house style, Design and Print work.

Franchise Pack

The Solar Panel 4 UTM franchise starter pack includes:

  • 250 Business cards
  • 1,000 letterheads
  • 500 Compliment Slips
  • All Templates for all office stationery, logos and branding

Along with the starter pack, all of our franchisees receive a login for the Growth Members Area where they can view and download all the files they will need for the effective operation of their business.

Training: As a new franchisee, you will receive a FREE complete training program by Solar Panel 4 UTM, covering everything you will need to know for the day to day running of your Solar Panel 4 UTMbusiness.

Support: You will have access to direct technical support from Solar Panel 4 UTM, in order to be able to sell the systems.

System: You will be provided with your own website and email, connected to the Solar Panel 4 UTM Main Server and Database, which will enable you to have real-time products/changes and online ordering. Solar Panel 4 UTM will provide you with access to your own franchise area including a Clients, Ordering and Mailings system and the latest news and information.