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The hottest art party ever
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description is the online e-commerce site for Soiree International, an online art gallery and art event promotion company.  The online gallery provides a global retail space where visual artists show and sell their artistic creations directly to shoppers, and the company produces and promotes art events, Soirées, throughout the US.  These are entertainment shows, bringing together local and national visual artists in venues across the US, introducing visual art as entertainment. The shows are currently produced in San Francisco and broadcast on Youtube, Vimeo, podcasts, and available on Northern California Comcast downloads.

Business model

Revenue is generated through the webisode and even sponsorship by, corporate sponsors, ad revenue on video downloads, and ticket sales at the event.  Through online sales, 10% commission is charged for artwork sold.   Commissions of 20% are charged for art sold during the Art RockX! events.      

Competitive advantage

Mysoiree, is the only only gallery that produces and promotes their own art event and reality tv show.  In addition the concept of the visual artists as the entertainment is a new avenue in entertainment, not duplicated, as well as the ability to create an event that brings together local talent, national talent, and an e-commerce site to the real world.