The Real-Time Audience Data Company
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Sociocast is the leading provider of real-time audience data to the marketplace. Sociocast works with publishers and content companies to provide audience insights, measurement, and monetization, as well as with online advertising partners and platforms to significantly enhance real-time targeting and audience discovery. 


Business model

Sociocast is a simple pixel solution that enables publishers to identify and monetize real-time audiences interacting with their content. Sociocast extrapolates rich, dynamic audiences that quickly adapt to changing consumer behavior by delivering audiences in real-time through key partnerships with advertising platforms.  Sociocast's business model allows for CPM on impressions served against cookies through partners, revenue shares with publishers on any data sold and real-time data API licensing fees.


Competitive advantage

Sociocast is a real-time audience company that offers its platform for free and with simple integration, which quickly enables direct sales and editorial teams. Sociocast integrates with ad buying platforms and ad servers while also incorporating third-party data. API's are used for content optimization and integration with analytics and no PII are collected.