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Company description


Socialyzer is a revenue performance management platform for social media. We use advanced technologies to enable our customers to generate more revenue from social channels.

Our technology analyzes social accounts in real-time and can predict when and where they should publish content in order to maximize audience engagement.

We can increase clicks by over 150% and retweets by 200%.

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How Socialyzer Works

Socialyzer connects to your social accounts.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Gplus2
  • Youtube

* Pinterest, G+ & Youtube coming soon

Then we analyze your social audience

  • Who are they? We learn from their public profile information.
  • Where are they located? We extract location information from profile or from posts that have location set.
  • What do they talk about? We read their public status updates to understand what topics they care about.
  • What days are they active online? We look at audience activity by day for posts, clicks, retweets, likes, comments, etc.
  • What hours are they active online? We look at audience activity by hour for posts and engagement metrics.


We crunch all the data in real-time & surface actionable insights, powered by predictive algorithms.

  • Automatic social media publishing that is optimized for maximum engagement.
  • Data about who is in your social audience, what they care about, and how you can engage them effectively.
  • Analytics that track performance of your social marketing efforts, from publishing all the way your own marketing funnels.


We deliver real, tangible results:

- 150% increase in clicks on average.

- Customers have reported click increase of 250%

- Average increase in retweets of 200%

- Our first paid API partner projects we will increase their revenue generated via Twitter by 50%, an additional $1,000,000!

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Awards and Mentions
  • 12307_1103
    Winner Dallas Startup Weekend 2011
    Socialyzer (then called won 1st place at Dallas Startup Weekend in June 2011
  • Business model

    Socialyzer has two primary products

    1. Socialyzer Web Application
    2. Socialyzer Application Programming Interface (API)

    Socialyzer Web Application

    The Socialyzer Web app is a software-as-a-service application with a monthly subscription fee that ranges from $9 per month to $549 per month or more.

    Socialyzer API

    The Socialyzer API allows any company to integrate Socialyzer optimization and insights technology into their own products.

    We charge a montly license fee to use the API that starts at $500 per month and goes up from there.

    Competitive advantage

    Socialyzer's unique technology gives us the ability to outperform competition. Our predictive algorithms are cutting edge and constantly improved through very short feedback loops.

    We deliver an incredibly complex technology solution in a very easy to use package.

    Enrique Gomez
    Director of GomezTech LLC. Former investor of TweetedTimes by @Semantic Dimension (purchased by Yandex). Current investor of @Yodil Inc, @Magnifis, & @Socialyzer
    Investor Deafult Image
    Dick Washburne - Unconfirmed
    Gabriella Draney
    Gabriella Draney - Unconfirmed