Socialize, Inc.

Socialize, Inc.
Put Your Users To Work Boosting Your App Installs.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

An app publisher's users are his best marketers.  Socialize puts them to work boosting app downloads and user re-engagement by using their social actions to attract new users.

Apps that integrate Socialize experience up to a 551% boost in installs & 316% increase in impressions.  

The developer only pays for new app users via a CPC model. It's a win-win.
Mobile app distribution will be an $8.1 Billion market by 2016.  Socialize has the unique drop-in social platform to capitalize on it.

Want more?  Read the recent TechCrunch article and get an in-depth 7 minute overview.


Awards and Mentions
Competitive advantage

8.9MM users over 5000 apps using Socialize, like The San Diego Chargers, CouponCloset & Seth Godin  
What Developers Think:
"You guys definitely have created a powerful platform" - Chris N.
"Congratulations on a spectacular product/service. It's amazing. It's nothing short of revolutionary." - Ashok F.
"It was obvious to me that my app will need social integration and your SDK looked like a very good way to do it.  I was very excited to find your SDK! - Oded W.
"Socialize lets me avoid having to publicizing every little comment on Facebook where it will get lost in the scuff." - Sargon B.

Developers can download the drop-in, open-source iOS and Android Socialize SDK at or build against our social API.

Furthermore, the SDK is being baked into every app made by our Do-It-Yourself app creation service, (with over 10,000 apps).
Socialize has run contests to promote distribution, such as
Socialize sponsors/crashes Hackathons, is on the steering committee of MobileMonday, and runs a developer evangelist group in San Francisco and many other guerrilla distribution tactics.