Location: 149 9th Street, San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 12/2011, Seed: undisclosed amount
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SocialFolders is the cure for social file chaos. Great team with a stellar product.



Sync your social life.
San Francisco, California, United States United States

SocialFolders is a remarkable new way to manage your content on your various social sites. The app lives on your computer and connects to your favorite Web locations so you can manage, back- up and sync your photos, videos, docs and more in a centralized place.

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Company description

SocialFolders is rethinking the way you can manage your dynamic, social online content — from Facebook to Flickr — all in one place. Here’s how it works: After downloading the app on your computer, simply connect to your favorite social sites and get going. SocialFolders will find the content — photos, videos, docs and other files — of your choice, create an easy directory you can manage locally, and let you organize, sync and even back up anything you want from the social web.

Over 6,000 users have subscribed to SocialFolders. We have tripled our (beta) users base since the official launch on Dec 15, 2011. 78% of our users are active (downloading or uploading files through SocialFolders). 2.2% of new active users have subscribed to a paying plan. 25% of new signups are invited by existing users.

SocialFolders leadership combines a unique experience in the cloud infrastructure, collaborative services and photo-sharing spaces. The company is the US spin-off of ftopia, a European company providing SaaS file-centric collaborative services.


  • Martin Pannier
    Martin Pannier | Team member
    Cofounder & COO of SocialFolders. Formerly founder of Picuous and Dashmin. Photographer, eater of frog legs.
  • Philippe Honigman
    Philippe Honigman | Team member
    Founder of VC-backed SkyRecon (acquired by Arkoon) and ftopia, winner of HEC Entrepreneur Prize, collaborative/storage apps expert, UX designer.
  • Fabien Jakimowicz
    Fabien Jakimowicz | Team member
Business model

Our primary business model is freemium. Our new Premium plan is $1.99 a month or $9.99 a year. Over 90% customers subscribe to the yearly plan. Since we DON'T STORE files, we can offer low prices while quickly achieving profitability. We plan to roll out a higher priced plan with new features/services for professionals on next summer.

We sell in direct and partner with larger companies in order to reach their installed base through co-marketing operations. Watch out for our launch with Evernote in January.

Other revenue streams include affiliation and secure file delivery services from large organizations to consumers.



Competitive advantage

All the players in the sync space (Dropbox, Sugarsync, iCloud and many smaller ones) store users' data, and in that respect compete with every social app (Facebook, Instagram, Google Docs, etc) that need to keep consumers' content on their servers. We have a unique approach that delivers the unparallel ease of use of Dropbox, applied to photos, audio files and documents of people's favorite services. We don't store data, meaning that we don't compete with app vendors, and we don't bear the storage cost.

Technology-wise, SocialFolders is the first social content aggregation service that is totally integrated with Windows and Mac OSX file system, through 2 key technology layers:

- a backend, API-enabled, scalable web hub allow for quick integration of new services in a very fast, flexible and resource-efficient manner. We have processed over 4 million files up to now, more than 2 million just in the last 3 weeks,

- a reliable multiplatform client that benefited from a 3-years experience of implementing a Dropbox-like client on a different project.