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Social Entertainment Shopping
We make Entertainment Shopping social.
atlanta, Georgia, United States United States
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Company description endeavors to become the one-stop destination for all online shopping. We will be a vehicle for product ratings and reviews, social shopping, and savings of up to 90% on high-end consumer electronics, clothing, house and garden products, jewelry, music, software, movies, and many other products typically purchased via e-commerce. We will create the web's first true social shopping experience.  

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Business model

1. We sell premium branded high-end mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, and various other electronics.


2. We sell bid packs of 25, 50, 75, 100, 500 at $0.75 per bid for our penny auctions.


3. We enable customers to earn bids by completing sponsored third party trial offers such as a Netflix, Gamefly, and various other subscription trials.



Competitive advantage
  • We have a patent which allows us to protect our merchant by setting a vote requirement to have an e-commerce product voted into a penny auction queue.
  • We offer a wide selection of premium brands, and the latest high-end consumer electronics. 
  • We offer unprecedented transparency in our penny auctions.
  • Provide user generated product reviews, and ratings
  • We give each user a clickable, publicly viewable personal profile page.
  • We allow shoppers to add other shoppers to their shopping network.
  • We are accessible by way of online chat, or phone at 1-877-77-PENNY Monday - Friday from 10am - 12am est. time.