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Company description

Soapbox takes shopping both online and at stores to a new level of social interactivity. Soapbox taps into existing social networks such as facebook and twitter to bring a new social dimension to shopping. Soapbox uses the latest bar code scanning, and geo targeting technology with its iPhone app to bring interactivity to shopping at brick and mortar vendors. Soapbox will change the way you shop for yourself, for your friends and for special events such as weddings, birthdays and family events. Soapbox is on the cutting edge of social shopping, the hottest new trend since social networking. 

Business model

To be the number one social interactive application for shopping, both online and geo location based, as well as a platform for social networking


Competitive advantage

It is difficult to explain and conceptualize the enormous potential of SoapBox without understanding the scope of work that encompasses our unique software platform. SoapBox is a complex and innovative geographic location application that combines web based social interaction with retail consumerism to create what we have coined the “social shopping experience”.


SoapBox has groundbreaking potential in location-based advertising and can become the market leader in web based retail marketing. Our platform provides retailers and advertisers with a direct marketing solution unlike any other, placing their products and advertisements right at the fingertips of our users web capable devices.


Although SoapBox is an inherently viral application by nature, it is designed with several viral hooks to simultaneously build its user base and generate immense advertising power.


SoapBox is designed as a profitable business model using its back end advertisement design that capitalizes on uniquely powerful marketing opportunities. SoapBox can monetize these opportunities in all three facets of the design platform:

1)  Facebook

2)  Freestanding SoapBox web site

3)  iPhone application