So Disruptive
Location: 2728 McKinnon 1610, Dallas, Texas, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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So Disruptive

The kind of Market Intelligence you'd actually pay for.
Dallas, Texas, United States United States
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Company description

The Disruptive Story

So Disruptive is a high-octane; full-service; Internet consultancy; founded by New Media Visionary and Internet Specialist Missy Martin. It was simple; Missy and her amazing team, saw a chance to make some waves online with their cutting-edge Web Consulting services. They wanted the services available to anyone, anywhere in the World. However, for that to happen, they would first need Global reach.

Sure, they had passion, incontrovertible influence and a "thing" for hard work...but would that be enough to successfully run a Global Web Agency?

Missy Martin and her talented team of disruptive innovators, were not quite sure how their competitors would react to such a brazen "grass-roots" attempt for market share.

The consultants knew that if business owners had access to their disruptive "game-changing" insights and Market Intelligence, they would be able to remarkably transform the future of their companies forever!

After wrestling with the options laid out before her, Missy fervently concluded, that the So Disruptive agency must become a reality. Today, this team of online specialists, are closer than ever to reaching their goals, and ready to help you and your company, disruptively dominate the World Wide Web!

  • Missy Martin
    Missy Martin | Team member
    Innovative; strategically minded; marketing professional; seeks to disrupt the "all-too calm" online markets; with a focus on Information Technology; User Experience; Digital Media and Online Advertising. Missy Martin is an ambitious young wome...

“ Missy is an extremely resourceful and creative young woman. She is very helpful in explaining to you what is needed for your company, especially with this New Media, that can seem overwhelming to those of us not savvy in it. She is a thoughtful and trustworthy consultant with vision and a passion for what she does. ”

- Pat Novak; CEO True Nature Concepts

“ Mike Corbett is the perfect example of what the Future Leaders of the Tech World will look like, because he is one. Mike is innovative, ambitious and has an outstanding, goal-driven attitude. There is no doubt in my mind that Mike is going to change the World of Technology for the better, and in a big way. Aside from his technological aptitude, Mike is courteous, resourceful, funny and a genuine delight to work with. His unwavering optimism truly sets him apart from the rest. ”